About Auto Glass Rescue


Auto Glass Rescue is one of the very few windshield repair companies that is licensed, insured and certified. We are committed to ensure you the highest safety standards and only the best in a windshield repair.  This is accomplished by the following:

1) Completing the training and certification process by Delta Kits and NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association).

2) Following the standards set forth by ROLAGS (Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard), the industry’s best practices for windshield repairs.

3) Obtaining annual continuing education credits.

4) Being a member of the NWRA (National Windshield Repair Association).

5) Being insured for our protection and yours.

6) Being licensed as a business in Travis County.

7) Being a member of the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce.

If you have any concern or query we are always ready to oblige you to your utmost satisfaction. We share your concern about your safety as well as that of your family members.

A lot of amateur technicians whose lack of experience and insufficient skill in the auto glass repair profession jeopardizes the safety of customers and their vehicle. You will be surprised to know that hardly 4% of windshield technicians have professional training or certifications and a much lower percentage of technicians are ALL licensed, insured, and certified.



We at Auto Glass Rescue give top priority to your safety as well as your family. We are very much aware that the repair of a windshield requires a high level of accountability. If done improperly a repair can lead to more damage or even jeopardize your safety by weakening the structure integrity of the glass. You are in safe hands with Auto Glass Rescue!


Although the windshield of a vehicle is made of toughened glass which can withstand impact to a certain extent, it is still susceptible to breakage. The windshield of your vehicle can therefore develop a chip or a crack. So whenever you need to repair your auto glass we are always at your service. Just contact us to set an appointment and we will be there wherever you are located. It can be your home or your place of work. We will repair your windshield in the easiest way possible. For your convenience contact us first and we will take the responsibility of executing the formalities with your insurance company on your behalf.