Importance of a Windshield Repair

Five million U.S. citizens are injured in highway motor vehicle collisions every year; more than 40, 000 are killed.  These were the numbers reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). More than 30% of the deaths happen when the vehicle passengers are ejected from the vehicle or injured during collisions that cause a rollover.  What actions can you take to help protect you and your family from this stat?

Maintain your windshield! This is a major safety device on your vehicle and more times than not is taken for granted.  Most of us who drive don’t give a second thought to that clear piece of glass that we look through while driving.  The fact is that this piece of glass keeping the elements out could save our lives by keeping us safely inside. Who would think a windshield repair Round Rock or a repair in the surrounding areas could be so beneficial?

Car and truck windshields on the roadways today are a vital part of the vehicle safety restraint system (SRS).  The SRS also includes seat belts and air bags. The SRS of a vehicle is designed to keep passengers safe during accidents, head-on collisions and roll-overs by keeping occupants within the shelter of the vehicle’s compartment. The effectiveness of the SRS could be compromised if any of these safety components are damaged or inoperable for any reason.   Properly caring for your windshield will allow for it to perform its safety function. Here are some tips Auto Glass Rescue would like to share with you to properly maintain your windshield.

In rollovers, the windshield is a critical device in keeping the structural integrity of the vehicle.  The windshield assists in keepings passengers inside of the relative safety of the passenger compartment and it supports the roof, keeping it from collapsing and crushing the passengers.  One-third of the roof strength is lost once the windshield is gone resulting in a high chance of the roof collapsing. To ensure the best chance of keeping your windshield in place during a collision, drivers should always aim to save the original factory seal of their windshield by getting a windshield repair instead of replacement of the entire windshield.

So how do we maintain the original factory seal of your vehicle?  Repair a windshield whenever possible to save the vehicles factory’s seal. Auto Glass Rescue offers this service and follows the industries best practices for a windshield repair Austin and surrounding areas.  An auto glass repair also keeps the factory original seal which helps to avoid the threat of air and water leaks.

Today’s vehicle windshields can also become chipped and damaged from rocks and other roadway debris.  These rocks and debris can fracture the glass causing dings that can have an effect of the driver’s vision.  Many people think that a small chip or crack in the windshield can be left untreated and nothing will happen.  Once something hits a windshield and causes damage, part of the original glass is ruptured.  The rupture in the glass allows moisture and air to enter the damage.   The moisture and air within the damage of a windshield results in a black or rainbow color, which affect the clarity and may distract a driver when the lights reflect a certain way.

Knowing these facts about the importance of a windshield, don’t hesitate to contact Auto Glass Rescue for your auto glass repair.