Our Promise To You

We understand that your vehicle, its windshield and your assets are important, and because of that we take our windshield chip and crack repair services seriously. Our commitment in providing you with the best auto glass repair while still ensuring you with the customer service you deserve is what puts us above the competitors.

Auto Glass Rescue takes its customers’ satisfaction extremely serious, so if any member does not honor our promise, your windshield repair service will be FREE.

You, Your Vehicle And Your Time Is Respected

We will respond as quickly as possible to all of your calls or emails. We will notify you when we’re on our way to your appointment, and if in an unlikely event our appointment time needs to be changed, you will know.  We will protect your vehicle with the use of a hood cover.  When the auto glass repair is completed, we will thoroughly clean up after ourselves and clean any marks we may have left on your windshield.  We will politely answer any and all questions or concerns and leave your vehicle as neat as we found it.

Certified Windshield Repair Technicians

Our technicians are tested and certified by both Delta Kits and the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA).  These two highly reputable training organizations teach from and follow the standards set forth by Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS), the windshield repair industry’s best practices and procedures.

Money Back Lifetime Non-Transferable Warranty

If the repaired portion of your windshield ever cracks any further or if the windshield cannot pass state inspections because of the repair, you will get 100% of the repair cost back, no questions asked!

Improved Appearance Of Windshield And Vehicle

Money back guarantee to enhance the clarity of the original damage by 80% or more.  Note: The windshield will not look like new when the repair is complete. A visible scar or skeleton of the damage will be seen.

Never Pay More Than Your Auto Glass Repair Estimate

If your windshield chip or crack repair takes longer than expected or requires additional parts, you will never pay more than your estimate.