Cheap Auto Glass Repair Austin

Windshields are made of strong laminated glass that resists breaking or
shattering on impact. Laminated glass is two or more layers of safety
glass separated by a layer of plastic, and the plastic bonds with the
glass and keeps the windshield in one piece during an accident. You need
the windshield to remain intact because it prevents the roof from
crushing you and helps prevent an accident from ejecting you from the
car. Because the windshield is so critical to your safety, you want to
be sure to work with an experienced certified technician. If a
windshield can be safely repaired, it offers a less expensive solution
than replacing the entire windshield. We offer a cheap auto glass repair
solution for many common types of windshield damage.


The technicians at Auto Glass Rescue are certified by the National
Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), which is the only association in
North America that deals exclusively with windshield repair. NWRA sets
education requirements that ensure its members are knowledgeable about
the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS). We know the
safety factors and don’t recommend that owners buy a do-it-yourself
repair kit. Although a simple repair looks easy in a video, it takes a
professional to assess the damage. There are many circumstances in which
the windshield should be replaced instead of repaired, but it takes an
experienced technician to make that determination. If you have a
comprehensive automobile insurance policy, your cost is minimal and may
be cheaper than the price of a kit. We are concerned about your safety
and don’t want you or your passengers to suffer an injury because of a
faulty repair and subsequently weakened windshield. You may take the
windshield for granted, but it’s a vital component of your automobile’s
safety system.


Although we offer cheap auto glass repair services, we never sacrifice
quality. We use the best tools and materials in the business. Windshield
repair started in the 1970s, and the process continues to evolve as new
materials are developed. Our technicians are required to pass a
continuing education examination every two years, so we need to stay
current on the latest industry advancements. Prior to the 1970s, owners
had to replace damaged windshields. This was an expensive solution and
could be dangerous if untrained technicians installed the windshields.
Today, we can repair many of the breaks and save the consumer the cost
of replacing the entire windshield.

Repairable Damage

Cracks and chips are the two most common types of damage to a
windshield, which is usually caused by sharp objects hitting the glass.
Chips in the glass often have impact pits associated with them. If you
drive fast on an unpaved road, these infarctions are apt to be a common
occurrence and can be quickly repaired. However, the size of the damage
may cause the windshield to be a candidate for replacement. Measure the
area and call us for a consultation. Our expert technicians can answer
all your questions about windshield chip repair in the Austin area.

Replacement Candidates

ROLAGS delineates the circumstances in which a windshield can be
repaired or needs to be replaced. Any time the damage penetrates through
the multiple layers of glass, a new windshield has to be installed. If
there is damage to the middle layer of plastic, the windshield needs
replacement. Some cracks and breaks are too big to repair and multiple
breaks may be too close to each other to repair safely. The location of
the damage also determines the appropriateness of a repair. Repairs
typically leave a cosmetic blemish on the windshield. There is never a
guarantee that we can make the windshield look like new. If there are
multiple blemishes in the driver’s primary line of sight, this can be a
safety issue and a windshield replacement may be the safest option to
choose in this circumstance. Many cars have features embedded in the
windshield. If the damage is close to an antenna, global positioning
system, heads-up display, special coatings or rain sensors, we will need
to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before we can start the
repair. Email us a photo of your windshield, the value-added feature
that’s installed, the make, year and model of your car. We will research
the manufacturer’s requirements at no charge to you and call you back
with our findings. If we can repair it, we will. If we can’t, you will
need to locate a glass replacement company that deals with your make and
model of automobile.


The safety of our customers is our primary concern, but we realize that
pricing is very important to you. Some types of damage are more
expensive to fix than others are. Email us a photo of your windshield
along with the measured dimensions of the damaged area and we can
suggest the safest and most cost-effective resolution for your
particular situation. Call us today!