Social Network – Join the Auto Glass Rescue Social Network

Auto Glass Rescue offers premier windshield chip and crack repair in Austin, TX and to the surrounding areas.  We also do more than just repair windshields – One of the best aspects of Auto Glass Rescue is that we are easy to find on the Internet, and we enjoy interacting with our customers. We also spend a great deal of time answering questions from people who do not understand auto glass repair and are looking for an expert organization. We have a very prominent presence in the social media which includes listings in Merchant Circle, Yahoo Local Business Listings, Bing Local Business Listings, Yelp and Angie’s List.

But our social networking influence does not stop there. We also take full advantage of the interactive parts of the social networking landscape that include Facebook, Google+ and YouTube. We utilize social networking to bring value to our clients and help people to better understand the benefits of auto glass repair.

We Answer Questions

When it comes to any kind of windshield repair, vehicle owners will have questions. We have found that even people who have used our services in the past still have questions that they need answered. Prior to social networking, it was a challenge for a socially responsible company like ours to get answers to the people that needed them. But with the new social media in place, we can answer every question and help people to better understand our business.

We are on Google+ and Facebook because that is where millions of people go to find answers to their questions. We invite you to join our social networks and ask us any questions you may have. If you feel like leaving a review of our services, then we invite you to do that as well.

We also take things an extra step further by posting helpful videos on YouTube. We answer customers’ questions and explain our service in detail for anyone who needs more information. Our helpful and instructional videos are always available for anyone who needs to see the answers to their questions in action.

We Give Discounts

If you join our social networks, then we just may reward you with discounts on the costs of our services. The best thing about websites like Google+ and Facebook is that we can inform all of our customers about any promotions we have going on. We also use our social networking websites to alert customers to new products and services that we offer, as well as any changes to our contact information.

The social media is an excellent way for customers and companies to stay in touch. We rely heavily on social networking to keep our customers informed of any new business offers we have and to answer customer questions. Check out our social networking sites and you will be surprised at the great information that we have to offer. If you do not see your question answered, then just submit it. If you would prefer to give us a call, then you can easily find our contact information on any of the many local business directories that people use every day to connect to the best companies in their area.