Georgetown, TX Windshield Repair – No Excuses, No Broken Windshields

Think you can wait a while to get a cracked windshield repaired? Think again. Not only can you: get a ticket, lose structural soundness of the automobile and lose equity on your vehicle, but you can also permanently ruin the interior. Even the smallest chip in your windshield can reduce your vehicle’s ability to repel water, meaning that you could end up with mold covered seats and a stereo on the fritz. Rather than have to live with a funky mold smell in your car, take your vehicle in to the experts in Georgetown windshield repair, and prevent further damage.

At Auto Glass Rescue, we not only take a look at the chips and cracks in the windshield, but also make sure your seals are perfectly sound. When you are done with your windshield repair, Georgetown residents will not have to worry about water or mold damage from the windshield again. Our windshield repairs have a limited lifetime warranty, and we back up our work and our workers. There is no substitute for reliable and trustworthy window repair, and we want our customers to drive away completely satisfied. If you need a ROLAGS certified work, then you need to visit us.

Statistics indicate that 8 out of 10 windshields are improperly installed, leading to further opportunities for mold in your vehicle. Mold can cause long-term illness and breathing problems if you breathe it in while you are in a closed environment. Don’t take a chance with your health and safety because of a cracked windshield. At Auto Glass Rescue, we are the leading experts in windshield repair – Georgetown customers can verify that we have proven ourselves time and again to be the best in the business. We offer our customers free estimates, mobile windshield repair service, and a lifetime warranty on our work.

Naturally, many people are reluctant to part with their hard earned money on something they view as trivial, such as windshield repair. Georgetown residents have sometimes learned the hard way that it can be far more expensive to avoid the repair work than to face the consequences of non-compliant windshields later. Many state laws require that all windshields be whole and unblemished, and officers will issue stiff fines or tickets to drivers who have a cracked windshield. Remember this the next time you tell yourself that your windshield can wait, and ask yourself which you would rather pay for, a windshield repair or a ticket?

Some people feel that they simply don’t have enough time to go to work, fix dinner, take the kids to soccer practice and then get their windshield fixed. At Auto Glass Rescue we can help you out of a too-busy schedule. We can come to your place of work or your home and repair the windshield on-site. Georgetown residents can go on with their lives without having to wait in an auto glass repair shop. Our technicians will work with your schedule to ensure that your repair goes smoothly, so stop stalling, and give us a call today.