Windshield Rock Chip Repair in Austin, TX

windshield rock chipIf you think that windshield rock chip repair is the same no matter where you live, think again.  The windshield rock chip repair industry in Austin, TX is different for 3 big reasons:

1. The Traffic

If you’ve even spent a little bit of time driving around on our local roads, you know that Austin’s traffic is unlike most places.  In fact, Austin’s traffic is usually considered to be one of the worst in the country!  (You can’t really be surprised, though.  After all, Austin is home to thousands of college students, hundreds of lawmakers and their staffs, and all other Austonians who call this city home.  It makes for a lot of traffic!)

In recent years, the Austin Police Department wrote, on average, 17,000 traffic tickets each year – meaning that the roads here aren’t just congested.  They’re also full of people who are breaking the law!

Even if you don’t have any blatant law-breakers riding next to you on your way to work, all it takes is a tiny rock to create some big windshield damage.  And, considering that I-35 is one of the main freight thoroughfares in the country, there are plenty of semis riding around – either leaking debris themselves or kicking up rocks and other dangers that are sitting out on the roadway.

That’s why windshield rock chip repair in Austin, TX is such a booming industry.  The professional teams HAVE to know what they’re doing, or else everyone would be driving around with dangerous windshield damage!

 2.  The Weather

Even if you manage to make it up I-35 or Mopac without getting hit by a rock, you might not be so lucky during one of Austin’s thunderstorms!

On average, Austin sees rain about 85 days out of each year.  And, unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for those showers to come with hail.  Whether it’s dime-sized, quarter-sized, or even larger, it only takes one chunk of hail to create a crack or chip in your windshield.

A good Austin, TX windshield rock chip repair company will make sure to take care of your car quickly, because you never know what Mother Nature is going to bring tomorrow!  And, if you’ve already got a rock chip or crack – even if the cause itself wasn’t weather-related – Mother Nature can make it worse.

For example, one of Austin’s sizzling heat waves – when mixed with the cold air coming out of your car’s air conditioner – can actually cause chips and cracks to grow.  The same goes for the frigid wind coming out of one of Austin’s winter cold snaps.  When you mix that cold air with the hot air coming out of your car’s heater, your windshield damage can get even worse.

Making things trickier, the resin that’s used to fix your windshield’s crack or chip can cure premature in Austin’s blazing sunshine.  That’s why the best Austin, TX windshield chip repair companies will use a special UV tool that’s designed to provide protection for your resin from the sun’s UV rays.

 3.  The Geography

Austin is growing by leaps and bounds.  Whether you live in the older homes in South Austin, in a new development down on Manchaca, or up in the palatial hills of North Austin, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover to get from one side of town to the other.

That’s why the best windshield rock chip repair companies in Austin, TX will come to you!

Instead of forcing you to fight traffic for miles and miles with a damaged windshield that could get worse at any moment, the professionals will have a completely FREE mobile service.  And, best of all, they won’t charge you anything extra for coming to you, instead of vice versa.  That way, you don’t have to risk your safety in order to try and save a few bucks.

All in all, Austin is a really great place to live, but do not let traffic, weather or the geography of Austin cause you to replace your windshield. Call the experts at Auto Glass Rescue to rescue your windshield from further damage today before it’s too late! Reach us at 512.900.3001 or by email and we’ll take care of it all.