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If you are in need of a windshield repair for a rock chip, ding or crack, you have definitely found the right place! We are a full service auto glass repair company with years of experience and professional training in the windshield repair industry.  We offer mobile windshield repair in Austin, Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park, Georgetown and the surrounding areas.  Just schedule an appointment and we will be there wherever you are located – it can be at your home or place of work. Call 512-900-3001
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Repairing a chip or crack in your windshield before it gets any bigger can save you from costly expenses and wasted time.  If you don’t repair a windshield chip or crack that’s repairable, it will eventually lead to a “crack out” requiring a timely and costly replacement of the entire windshield.

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Auto Glass Rescue is licensed, insured and certified. We are committed to ensure you the highest safety standards in the repair of your windshield. We strive in offering the best windshield repair service possible while still providing you with the superior customer service you deserve. If you have any concern or query we are always ready to oblige you to your utmost satisfaction. We share your concern about your safety as well as that of your family members…More

Commonly Asked Windshield Repair Questions

What is a windshield repair?
A windshield repair combines human skill with modern technology to repair damage permanently within a windshield, rather than replacing the entire windshield.  For more information, click here.

What type of damage can be repaired?
In general, most rock chips up to the size of a half dollar and cracks up to 8 inches can be repaired. Size, depth, and location also play a factor in whether the damage can be repaired or not.

Why does a chip or crack spread?
There are numerous reasons why damage in a windshield can spread – Temperature, driving, pressures and moisture all can cause a rock chip or crack to spread across the entire windshield. For more information, click here.

What should I do if I get a rock chip or crack in my windshield?
Having it professionally repaired is the only way to keep the damage from spreading and to enhance the cosmetic appearance. So until you can have it repaired, protect the damage from containments with Packing Tape.  To learn how to do this, watch the video beneath these questions or click here.

How long does it take to repair a chip or crack in my windshield?
On average, as soon as the technician arrives at your location, the time to repair a rock chip is around 25 minutes and 45 minutes for a crack repair – these are just averages, so keep in mind a repair can actually take longer or be quicker depending on the damage.

Will the chip or crack disappear once the windshield repair is complete?
No. While the damage may look better and the clarity being enhanced by 80% or more, you will still be able to see where the damage was.

The sole purpose of a professional windshield repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass. It is important to know the appearance after a windshield repair is not an indicator of whether or not the repair was successful.

Do I get any kind of warranty or guarantee with a windshield repair?
Yes.  All rock chip and crack repairs come with a lifetime, 100% money back guarantee for as long as you own the vehicle. This guarantees that the damage repaired will not spread any further and will pass any vehicle inspection. 

Video – Protecting Your Damage Prior to Repair

Below is a short YouTube video showing the first thing you need to do if you get a rock chip, ding or crack in your windshield until you can have it repaired – this will protect the damage from contaminates and provide you with a cleaner looking repair.