About Windshield Repairs

That windshield you look through every day is a lot more complex than you might think.  It’s not JUST a piece of glass.  Instead, your windshield is made up of two layers of glass, with a layer of vinyl in between.  That way, if you ever get into an accident or it breaks, your windshield won’t shatter and injure you.

But despite being so carefully crafted, your windshield can fall victim to cracks and chips.  When it does, a repair job – rather than a full-blown replacement – may be all you need to get back out on the road.

Windshield repair is the act of repairing a break in a windshield, or other laminated auto glass part, rather than replacing it. The windshield repair is a permanent process that combines modern technology with human skill to remove the air and moisture from the break and fill it with a curable, optically matched resin.

Not sure what’s so great about windshield repairs or their benefits?  Read on!  These 5 things will convince you to make an appointment with Auto Glass Rescue – instead of a replacement specialist – the next time your windshield gets damaged:

 1.  You’ll Get To Keep Your Original Factory Seal

When your windshield was first installed at the factory, a special seal was created.  Specifically, when you’ve got a factory seal on your windshield, it means that air and moisture won’t be able to leak in or out.

But if you replace your entire windshield, that factory seal is gone.  Sure, there are plenty of great places you can go to get a brand new windshield, but their shop isn’t going to have the same perfect conditions that the factory did – so there’s a chance your new windshield won’t be quite as air-tight as the factory version was. So, what does this mean? With the loss of the factory seal, it will only be a matter of time before your new replaced windshield will leak water or make wind noise.

When you simply have your windshield repaired, nothing has to be removed.  The technician will permanently repair the chip or crack by injecting resin – rather than breaking all of the glass, taking your old windshield out, and installing a new one.

 2.  Your Windshield Will Regain Its Strength

Even if you just have a tiny chip or crack, it can affect the structural integrity of your entire windshield.  As a result, the damage is likely to spread, and if you’re in a crash, your windshield won’t be capable of protecting you like it should.

I bet you didn’t know that your windshield provides as much as 45% of your cabin’s structural integrity during a front-end crash!  In a rollover crash, your windshield provides up to 60% of the cabin’s structural integrity!  So, if you’re in an accident and your car DOESN’T get completely crushed, you can thank your windshield.

Luckily, you can literally “erase” the damage – and the safety risk – with a windshield repair.  As long as the job is done correctly, the injected resin will make it like the chip or crack never existed in the first place.

 3.  You’ll Spend Less Time And Money Dealing With It

No one likes to have a car in the shop.  After all, you have to take time off from the work, and the impact on your wallet can be pretty significant.  Luckily, though, when you get your windshield repaired, you get to save both time AND money!

Because nothing needs to be installed, a good windshield repair technician can work anywhere.  (That’s why the best repair companies will offer to come to you!)  And, injecting resin into your damage only takes a few minutes.  In fact, most windshield repairs can be done in about half an hour!

What about the cost?

Because it’s not nearly as labor-intensive and does not require a new windshield, a windshield repair job is much cheaper than replacing your entire windshield.  So, you owe it to your wallet to see if the windshield can be repaired first!

 4.  You Won’t Have An Ugly Mess On Your Hands

Even the best windshield repair job won’t make your crack or chip invisible (you will see a scar or a “skeleton” of the damage after it’s fixed), but your windshield will look a whole lot better.  In fact, a good windshield repair company will be able to improve the clarity of the damage by at least 80%!

 5.  You’ll Help Out Mother Nature

If everyone with a crack or a chip got their windshield completely replaced, our landfills would overflow!   Over 11,000,000 windshields are damaged in the U.S. each year, but only 10% to 12% (just over one million) of those are currently repaired – the rest end up in landfills. Windshields are not easily recyclable and do not deteriorate in landfills.  By opting for a repair instead of a replacement, you can do a little bit to keep the strain off Mother Nature.