DIY Windshield Repair Kits – Why You Can’t Trust Them

They seem innocent enough… You simply buy a do it yourself windshield repair kit and take care of the crack or chip yourself.  How hard can it be?

DIY windshield repair kit

The average kit comes with a tool to get rid of the broken glass (just a thumbtack), another tool that’s designed to inject resin into your windshield, and a piece of curing film to smooth everything over.

Sounds perfect right?


You may technically have what you need to get the job done.  The only problem is that you don’t have the expertise and premier equipment that a professional windshield repair technician has.  You won’t be able to tweak your technique depending on if your damage is a giant crack or a specific type of chip such as a Bullseye, Combination, or Star.  You won’t know how to inspect the damage, remove moisture, protect the resin from UV light, and know how hard to press down on the injector’s plunger or flex the glass so that the resin flows in just right.

In short, you’ll be missing the “meat” of the entire job!

Think of it like heading to your favorite gourmet restaurant.  Let’s say the owner has you go into the kitchen and tells you that you have everything you need to make your favorite fancy dish.  However, you don’t have the training that the restaurant’s chef does.  That means you won’t know how long to let the sauce simmer, how to swirl the pan just right to mix all of the juices, or how fine to chop the fresh seasonings.

Sure, the ingredients may be there, but you won’t be able to create the same gourmet meal that the chef can!

Making things worse, DIY windshield repair kits aren’t nearly as time-efficient as a professional repair job.  In fact, the average DIYer reports that it takes an hour or two to fix his windshield.  However, a good repair shop can have you out and on your way in less than a half hour.  For a minor damage, a professional may only need 15 minutes to fix it!

Do you have an hour or two to waste?

If you’re like most people, you already have too many responsibilities as it is!  You may feel like the rock that cracked your windshield was part of a cosmic plot to stress you out.  So, the last thing you need is to devote an hour or two to fixing it yourself!

And, this is probably the last thing you want to hear, but all of that time could be a complete waste.

After all, professional training isn’t the only thing you’re lacking.  Professional windshield repair companies also have better tools than you’ll ever get from a DIY kit.  They’ll have special tools that are designed to get your windshield damage completely clean and accessible before they inject the resin.  They’ll have special techniques for removing any moisture that’s sitting in your chip or crack – so that you don’t have to deal with water-related problems later (like a repair job that fails altogether!).  Also, they’ll have a special resin that’s made with much higher-quality ingredients than you’ll find in a DIY repair kit.  For premature resin curing, they’ll even have special UV protection equipment that is designed to protect the resin from the sun’s ultra violet light while the resin is being injected.

professional windshield repair equipment

When you add all of these things up, trying to repair your windshield with a DIY kit is like trying to replicate that gourmet meal with canned vegetables, instead of veggies that are fresh from the farm… No matter how hard you try, the finished product isn’t going to be as good!

Plus, when you turn your windshield repair duties over to a pro, you’ll get to take advantage of a lifetime warranty on the work.  That way, on the outside chance that something ever goes wrong with the affected area, you can rest assure that you’ll get 100% of the money back you were charged for the repair.

If you do try to do the work yourself with a DIY windshield repair kit, know there’s no “safety net”.  If the windshield damage you’re trying to repair causes you additional damage a week, a month, or a year later, you’ll be stuck with the results as nothing else can be done (and possibly even have to buy a brand new windshield!).

Bottom line – give yourself every safety net possible.  Don’t waste your time on a DIY windshield repair kit! Contact the pros today to get it done right.

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